Cassio Leitão


(São Paulo, Brazil, 1962) is divided between the visual arts, graphic design and photography.

Painting is currently his main activity.

Lives and works in Aruba.

Multiple Synthesis

Each painting individually has a particular thought that seeks to impact, not in the sense of shock, but an impact that catches the eye through simplicity, synthesis, where drawing is an adjunct and the pictorial construction process, with its questions and challenges, traces their own paths with results that often exceed expectations.
Despite this individual synthesis, the ensemble is not limited to this fact, it is multiple, quickly weaves a web of compositions without a linear narrative, with varied connotations and effects.
An aspect raised here, a pictorial solution, a form, a color, is repeated there, in another way, seen from another angle, thought in another color.

«Who are we, who is each one of us if not a combination of experiences,
information, readings, imaginations? Each life is an encyclopedia, a library,
an inventory of objects, a sampling of styles, where everything can be
continually shuffled and reordered in as many ways as possible.»
Italo Calvino