Titus Brein


Titus Brein (The Netherlands, 1966) works on a new way of photography, using many ways to capture the rays of light and the mind of the viewer.
Raised in an artist family, he studied 4 years at the Academy of Fine Arts in Tilburg,
the Netherlands, 1989-1993.

He travelled und documented life, and he was front stage & back stage photographer in the roaring fashion cities like Milan and Paris.
Around 2005 he made the choice to just focus on art.

Always trying to reveal a different way of picturing on centuries old subjects like portraits, still-lives and landscape, with an own developed & unique technique.

Abstract works based upon figurative sources amalgamate view, individuality and aesthetics to a new surprising image; the interaction with (day) light makes that two-dimensional becomes three-dimensional; serene, transparent and dynamic, communicating with the observer.
Enjoying the experiment, the new innovative Photo Phusion work combines photography, prints, pigments, glass, circulair new materials, oil colors, precious metals into fine art images.

After working many years as photographer & fine art painter, Titus Brein works nowadays successfully on multiple layered pieces merging transparently into a multidimensional symbiosis of image, content and thoughts. Through ongoing intense investigations and a unique technical process, the artist shows authentic, extra-ordinaire art-pieces, only showing little at a time, revealing parts of an underlying message. Like real life this art can’t be seen immediately, it needs to descent a while, and add some aesthetic value to the beholder, together with a story which will be told by the images content.

His work is collected by international galleries & private clients.