Rob Van Trier


My name is Rob van Trier.

I’m a painter, a searcher, a viewfinder searching for moments , views and things to capture on canvas and paper or in other forms inside my studio in Tilburg or out in the field you can say international, but the most spectacular journey’s I make, are standing behind my easel. Always in search of lines and shapes whom are so powerfull so they stand on there own ” unbreakable” like a monument to be discovered ,but also be stunned by my own capability. Looking back at my journey on canvas or objects ( apple or pear ) each artwork has a story to be told. Because of my travelling and through my art, I met a lot of people all over the world, whom became custumers of mine ( Georgio Armani, Ferrari, I even lost some paintings in New York during 9-11 in the Twin Towers). I had exhibitions in Texas, New York and Berlin.


I will always feel this restlessness inside me so I can
make my dream come true.

Just “van Trier”

Rob van Trier.