Antonio Mora



My originality takes root in the merger, in finding combinations that leave in the palate of our conscience flavors of evocation and mystery. Images that open a crack in our collective memory allowing us to watch, though only it is an instant the hybrid beings who populate our deepest dreams.

In early 2013 he began to develop his pictures, since then he was settling his technique and sharpening his intuition producing a wide collection of works in which the dream is interwoven with reality by means of hybrid beings , mythological dyes and endowed with hypnotic beauty .

He went to college in Psychology and Philologie and finally completed a Masters degree in graphic design.

Some years later he founded his own design studio where he worked as an art director for 25 years. Then after health troubles he decided to devote himself to explore the more creative side of their work and deepen inside looking for a technique that would allow him to express his emotions . Finally found it.

By some photoshop tools that allow you to blur the boundaries between two overlapping images , gets mixed faces with landscapes , trees and lakes, bays and oceans with subtly until both images to make them a different being.

His creations, recorded in the digital collage, are halfway between dream and reality. Create hybrid beings, inhabitants of a parallel universe. Antonio Mora acts as a medium between these two worlds capturing highly expressive images that evoke in the viewer a strong sense of mystery.

Parallel to this develop a technique that allows him to print large format his creations and send them anywhere in the world .

Through social networks the impact of works of antonio has been meteoric .

Maybe because his look is a look perceived by all cultures because it transcends all barriers and enters the most intimate of human soul.

Currently in Spain , working on his creations