Art purchase


Buying art at Sala de Arte is easy.

If you have found a beautiful piece of art, you can take it with you directly from the gallery or let us hang it in your home.

In the gallery, we exhibit artists with larger and smaller works, ranging in price between $400 and $7000.

You can take the smaller works of art with or without a frame as hand luggage for the plane. Larger works, on painter’s canvas, go into a tube for transportation and are then stretched elsewhere.

Has your eye fallen on something special yet?

What kind of art do you like? Do you wish for something cheerful on the wall or what kind of emotion may it touch? Do you like abstraction, realism and which culture appeals to you? Do you have a special feeling for African art or oriental art? What is the structure of the canvas like in real life? What is the growth potential of this artist?

Guidance in art purchase

You can rent or purchase a collection (for your restaurant, villa, hotel, otherwise). You can also think about organizing an exhibition for your guests.

Rachel is the person who informs and guides all projects around art. We are curious to talk with you about your ideas. We will introduce suitable artworks from our collection or introduce new artists, from anywhere in the world,  to you.

We would love to share our creative ideas and solutions with you.

We follow the art world closely and focus on contemporary artists, the artists of today with an emphasis on paintings, mixed media, drawings and photography.

Free walk-in:

Monday08.30 – 12.00
Monday evening17.00 – 21.00
Tuesday08.30 – 16.00
Wednesday08.30 – 12.00
Thursday08.30 – 16.00
Saturday10.00 – 16.00

60X80 Yellow Untitled

We follow many contemporary artists around the world closely and discover new talent every day. In addition, we are well aware of all developments in the international art world in the middle segment in terms of paintings, mixed media, photographic works and drawings.