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01 Dec 2021

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Current exhibition Sala de Arte

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Guided tour experience 2-3 hours 

With Rachel, licensed gallery keeper. She would love to talk and interact with you about art, Dutch art and discuss different topics in art history (if there is enough time ;-). Including cheese platter and wine or apple pie and coffee. 

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1,5 hour guided tour – primary and secondary school (CVK) students

We would like to show young people new and different ways of looking at art. Rachel will explain and talk about all artists in current exhibition and art in general. It is interactive and we will discuss shapes, forms and then leave that all behind and think from zero about creation and possibilities. 

Our goal is to evoke creativity and the conversation that arises from it.

In addition to the guided tour ‘the story behind art and artist’, the students can also get to work themselves to convert their thoughts into images we discuss. 

It is tempting to search for interpretation, but sometimes it is a good way to skip that information. 

Please sent me a personal message. For local school we can translate to Papiamento when requested. We are trying to stay unsubsidized but do find it important that children are able to go to a museum, gallery and learn about art. We ask a contribution per class or group. 

For teachers of Cultural and Artistic Education contact us to see how we can contribute for your students (or to take care of any other project in our gallery). 


In a small group, I would like to discuss the subject of your choice within the art world, with a good glass of wine of course!

Depending on everyone’s wishes, I like to go a little deeper into the matter and discover more together on this particular theme.

Around 20.15 we will draw and paint on canvas or linen from the inspiration we just gained. To clear our minds first, there is a meditation on the art of life prior to this creative session.

Let yourself be surprised.

You can choose from different subjects such as; an art movement, contemporary art, fine art, women in art, language printing in Dutch culture, the sense of art, knowledge of materials.


2 – 4 times per year we organise a Meet the Artist. Please stay tuned on our Instagram @saladearte_aruba